Richard Tate

Richard Tate is an experienced executive leader with a 20+ year career in data. He founded Consultate to bring forward his years of experience to support other organisations and businesses in creating their data strategy and ensuring the right data skills, data organisation, data culture and data tools and services were all lined up so real value is generated from data.

Building and running high-performing teams spanning insight and analytics, data science, data engineering, decisioning (next best action), testing and optimisation, research, data management and governance, there’s not much within the data field that Richard hasn’t been involved with.

Richard actually started life as a journalist, working for BBC local radio before moving into BBC Online in the late 1990s. It was his curiosity around how things online were performing that pulled him into data and he’s remained there since. Richard has a passion and ability to help people clearly understand the value of data to them, to organisations, businesses and customers. And then an equal ability to transform the vision into reality and to get value from data. 

In his 20+ year career Richard has worked for some of the biggest global brands, including the BBC, Sky, Three UK, Telefonica Digital (including O2 & Movistar), Tesco, the BT Group (EE, BT Consumer & Plusnet) and sports streamer DAZN, and now as a data consultant working across UK and global companies, audiences and customers.

He has a proven background in improving customer conversions, enhancing user journeys and improving user satisfaction. He’s built teams from scratch, developed small, medium and large data organisations, brought in tool sets, data services and software and implemented them and – critically – shifted cultures in organisations to be more data and insight focused.

He’s been nominated multiple times in the DataIQ Top 100 most influential people in data, the first and only fully-curated power list of the most influential data and analytics practitioners.

He’s also passionate about driving diversity in data, leading the Allyship chapter for Women in Data, speaking about the importance of diversity (of all kinds) and bringing together others who can support and learn from one another.
As a gay man he’s experienced first hand the attitudes of some people towards minorities and has made it a personal mission to help both change minds and support under-represented people.

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