What we do

Four steps we can take together…
1. Business value

To start with, we’ll spend time understanding your business and what you have today.
We’ll understand your business needs and problems, talk to team members and review how well what you use data for today aligns with your business objectives.
And we’ll help frame any investments which may be needed against the overall business benefit that could be derived, making playing it back to your business simple and clear.

2. Building blocks

We’ll work across your organisation to look at what tech, tools and architecture you already have in place, or planned as part of your roadmap. And then we’ll look at what’s missing based on the direction we think you need to go in to derive that extra value from your data.
We’ll also look at what’s in place for data governance – quality, processes, access – and make recommendations if needed.

3. Team and how you work

We’ll look at how your data people are organised today, and what changes you might need to make to support getting that value and making the most of the building blocks.
We’ll also look at the operating model and the culture, and make any recommendations there too.
We’ll talk to stakeholders around your business to understand gaps and needs, and then we’ll assess what your future-state org should look like that.
We’ll also assess your current skills and identify any gaps or opportunities. And we’ll do this sensitively and confidentially at all times.

4. Blueprint & plan

A strategy is no good without a blueprint to delivery, and a plan to make it happen. We’ll show you the things that you need to do along with a plan on when to do them, all based on the recommendations made on the tech and tools, data governance, team, operating model, culture and, importantly, getting the value from your data.
If you want, we can support you in your delivery of the plans that we create with you, or if you need additional support to deliver what you already have.

We use our own expertise gathered over 20 years in some of the largest UK and global organisations to deliver a strategy fit for you. And we have access to a broad network of data professionals to support us too.