Why customer experience trumps everything

I’m a very strong believer that for a business to truly succeed and make lots of money, they really have to focus on having a fantastic customer experience. Yeah, you can make money by having a decent enough customer experience (Amazon?), but if you really want to hit the g-spot it has to be fantastic.Continue reading “Why customer experience trumps everything”

The future of retail?

Retail is continue to evolve, and the last couple of years have forced faster and deeper changes. So-called ‘multi-channel’ or ‘omni-channel’ started to become properly established over the last decade, when the technology developed to be able to join newer digital channels together with established physical retail estates. Buy and collect (Argos, Tesco, John Lewis,Continue reading “The future of retail?”


OK, so cookies are actually only mentioned one time in GDPR, but that one time packs a bit of a punch. Natural persons may be associated with online identifiers… such as internet protocol addresses, cookie identifiers or other identifiers… This may leave traces which, in particular when combined with unique identifiers and other information receivedContinue reading “Cookies…”

Google and automated insights

Google continues to add some interesting features to Google Analytics, and one of the latest is the ability to get automated insights. It uses Google’s machine learning to comb through the data you have and comes up with a stream of what it calls automated insights. For some reason they have decided to make thisContinue reading “Google and automated insights”