Brum brum – cars and data

Some people use their phone to pre-warm their cars during wintertime. Some people use their phone to unlock their car. Some people use their phone to locate their cars when they’ve forgotten where they’ve parked. Some use their voice to start the ignition. Some cars drive themselves. Some automatically keep you within the white lines.Continue reading “Brum brum – cars and data”

How The Guardian Uses “Attention Analytics” To Track Rising Stories

Interesting article about how a tool created during an internal hack day has become a key part of the Guardian’s future…

I hate “big data”

Big data? That’s a term we hear mentioned a lot, but what does it really mean? As businesses we have loads of data? Well that’s true. In truth we’ve always had lots of data to play around with, it just came in different formats and from different sources (sales data, footfall, even web log files).Continue reading “I hate “big data””