NYT – ‘Google offers a More Modest Vision of the Future’

According to the article, Google’s latest product announcements suggest a more subtle iteration of their ambitions in showing off machine learning.

Worth a read. How much of this is the reality setting in that the end consumer doesn’t really see ‘machine learning’ as a thing, but rather the results? And sometimes those results are now just things we can expect. For example, does the end user think machine learning is in use when they search their photos for the term ‘dog’ and – hey presto – photos of dogs appear?

So perhaps the challenge is now finding a different way of framing the benefits of machine learning?

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, said at the latest product launch:

A.I. is improving our products, making them more helpful, more accessible, and delivering innovative new features for everyone


So maybe focus on the features, with ML as the enabler but not the star of the show?

This might help some people thinking that machine learning is the solution to everything 🙂

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