Google Analytics in the EU

On July 1st 2023 Universal Analytics in GA stops.

Welcome Google Analytics 4.

You’ve probably seen the reports about the concerns from some regulators (France, Austria) in the EU stating GA isn’t compliant with GDPR. This was largely because of the transfer of EU personal data from the EU to the US via the GA cookie.

GA4 has been gestating for a couple of years, and its launch now is an attempt to demonstrate compliance with GDPR (as well as bringing in a more modern version of GA too!). Indeed, according to Google’s press release:

Google Analytics 4 is designed with privacy at its core… with more comprehensive and granular controls for data collection and usage

The callout is that GA4 won’t store IP addresses. But is that enough to convince the regulators that personal data won’t be moved from the EU to the USA? Cookies are just one way that data is captured, but there are URLs that may contain information that, if not masked, would also be transferred to the USA.

And the USA doesn’t have the so-called adequacy. The UK, New Zealand and Japan, for example, do have adequacy, allowing the transfer of personal data to be transferred to those ‘third countries’. So I think it’s still ‘watch this space’. But the reality is, if you are still on universal analytics you must act now. July 2023 might seem far off, but we all know it’s going to fly by!

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