Why customer experience trumps everything

I’m a very strong believer that for a business to truly succeed and make lots of money, they really have to focus on having a fantastic customer experience.

Yeah, you can make money by having a decent enough customer experience (Amazon?), but if you really want to hit the g-spot it has to be fantastic. This type of experience leads to higher revenue because you get either / or repeat business or referred business entirely for free.

But how do you create a fantastic digital experience? Well, if I could bottle that and sell it I would be relaxing on my own private island somewhere hot and sunny. Because the truth is there is no formula for creating a fantastic digital experience (and indeed, it should stretch beyond digital – it should be end to end regardless of channel or product). It will differ from business to business, and not only that, it will continually change and develop as the people who use those experience develop and change.

But what you can do it stay in tune with those changes? Using your analytics tools, layering on your surveys and user research and testing and things like session replay, maximising prediction or prescription where you can, and moving from reactive to proactive.

Basically it’s staying on top of your game. I’m probably preaching to the converted, but after working for more than 20 years in digital analytics I’ve seen the eye taken off the ball far too many times.

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