Google and automated insights

Google continues to add some interesting features to Google Analytics, and one of the latest is the ability to get automated insights.

It uses Google’s machine learning to comb through the data you have and comes up with a stream of what it calls automated insights.

For some reason they have decided to make this feature available in the Android and iOS Google Analytics app, but not the desktop interface (presumably they want more people to take the app right now…).

In the Google Analytics blog announcement which you can read here it specifically calls out “marketers, business owners, and product designers” but doesn’t mention analysts at all. 

I’m a bit fan of automation when and wherever it makes sense. But I’m still not yet convinced that machine learning is clever enough to properly interpret everything that’s going on and the danger here is that people without full knowledge make bad decisions because Google Analytics told them too.

A little bit of the cynic in me says a lot of the “insight” that Google Analytics users will be seeing will be telling people they need to be advertising more with Google…

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